Haida Apparition

The old village S'G̱ang Gwaay is surrounded by mystically cold rainforests. The ravages of time have taken their toll on the totem poles which here are still standing towards the sky. But the ghosts of the past seem to be alive at this place. A place where islands disappear in the coastal fog to emerge again out of the nowhere. It is the home of the aboriginal people of Canada who lived at Haida Gwaii since the past 8000 years. ‘The place where time began.’

The archipelago today known as Queen Charlotte Islands is located in the Southeast of Alaska and belongs to the Canadian province British Columbia.

Inspired by the native live and connection to nature I wanted to include the spiritual craftsmanship of the Haida culture in my painting. For the Haida society the Bald eagle is symbolizing the ‘Guardian of the Wisdom’. I painted the majestic bird like an apparition, resting on top of a totem pole which carving shows the eagle symbol itself. The bird may be gone in the next glimpse of the sundown, as quietly as he has appeared.

Artwork & Reproductions

Original Painting

American Bald Eagle
Acrylics on Gessoboard
60 x 40 cm | 2011


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