The Promise

A light breeze in the morning and a small feather - soft and light carried by the wind awakes curiosity to the lynx. Is there a chance to catch a feathered snack? The name 'lynx' originated from the Greek word 'λύγξ', derived from the Indo-European root 'leuk', meaning light and brightness, in reference to the luminescence of its reflective eyes. The birds better watch out for the skilled hunter!

The scratchboard technique allows me to play with such special light and shadow-situations in my work and to make the feeling more dramatic to the observer. A scratchboard is of a wooden panel covered with a basic clay layer and the surface is stained with black Indian ink. White lines were generated by scratching the surface and the remove of the ink coat.

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Original Painting

Northern Lynx
Scratchboard |11" x 14"



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