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Signature Status Membership

I’m privileged to call me one of the few European artists, professionally practicing in scratchboard technique. My profoundly love for this amazing technique started about seven years ago, a time when it was not possible to get the materials in Germany easily through shops. Good, things have changed a bit! Nonetheless, scratchboard is still very little known here and I’m always amazed by the excitement, when I teach others about the medium.

 In 2013, my scratchboard work “Nocturnal Look-out” (European Eagle Owl, 40 x 30 cm) was honored with the German award for Bird Painters, by the museum of natural history, Halberstadt. The first time a scratchboard was shown in the exhibition “Modern Bird Paintings”, and also the first time this medium got a juried art award in Germany.

Today I’m happy to announce, my artistic career as a scratchboard artist takes me a step further by achieving the Signature Status Level in the International Society of Scratchboard Artists (ISSA). I’m positively looking forward to the next chapter of my work, always learning something new and improving my skills practicing in this medium.

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International Society of Scratchboard Artists

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