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Paws Trails Explorers Magazine

Diana Höhlig Wildlife Artist

Read about my art in the 33. edition of the Paws Trails Explorers online magazine! The article features my works and gives an interesting insight into my artist journey and techniques.

About Paws Trails

The base for the Paws Trails Community is the love for nature, to explore and protect the remaining for the future. The founders have traveled across 50 plus countries and as part of a tree planting activity planted 40,000 plus trees across the globe.

Today the Paws Trails Explorers online magazine has become a global platform for sharing collective experience and knowledge brought together by more than 200 contributors from different parts of the world who support the series with photographs, articles, art and videos.

Paws Trails builds the string that connects photographers, conservationists, artists, designers, writers, travelers, and many others by the shared unwavering love for nature.

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