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Sketching Birds for Conservation

I’m happy to be involved for the first time in the Artwork for Aves fundraiser! There are a lot of fellow bird artists involved which I admire, so it is definitely a wonderful project to be included. The fundraiser dates are August 5 to August 13, 2022. With a donation to the American Bird Conservancy you will get the chance to win some fantastic artworks.

About Artwork for Aves

Artwork for Aves

The initiators Danny and its partner Rob are hosting a fundraiser that benefits avian conservation, called Artwork For Aves. Each year, for the past three years, they focus on a group of birds and an organization that helps save them. This year they are putting together an online fundraiser for American Bird Conservancy , a non-profit organization that focuses on threats for all of America's birds.

The first Artwork for Aves fundraiser was in 2019 for the Thailand Hornbill Project and over $2,700 were raised! In 2020 over $8,000 were funded for the Vulpro organization, aiding African vultures. In 2021, the largest monetary amount was raised, for Belize Bird Rescue, with over $11,360 and, because Danny and Rob love birds so much, they hosted another fundraiser for Vulpro again and raised over $3,200. Together this makes $25,400 within three years for bird conservation across the globe!

The Artwork for Aves fundraiser will feature artwork that is donated by artists and will be awarded to individual winners of the drawings. People who are interested in getting a piece of art can donate directly to American Bird Conservancy and send a screenshot of their donation. This enters them into a drawing to be eligible to win a piece of artwork. Currently the fundraiser will be done on Instagram.

More infos how to participate are found online at the Instagram account of @artworkforaves


American Kestrel & Barred Owl
Ballpoint on toned paper
14 x 20 cm

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