In Search of the Bird of Paradise

| In Exhibitions | Tagged avian art, birds, Conservation, Museum.BL | by Diana Höhlig

My work as a bird painter was recognized in an interview for the exhibition at Museum.BL which portrays past and modern ornithologists.

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Sketch for Survival

| In Conservation | Tagged Charity, Conservation, Sketch for Survival | by Diana Höhlig

'Sketch for Survival' is an annual exhibition and sale of wildlife art in aid of conservation. This is my debut joining the invitational collection with my art work for the good cause.

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Paws Trails Magazine

| In Publications | Tagged Article, Conservation, Paws Trails Explorers, PT Magazine, Publication | by Diana Höhlig

Read about my art in the new edition of the Paws Trails Explorers online magazine!

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Helping Rhinos

| In Conservation | Tagged Africa, Charity, Conservation, Helping Rhinos, Ol Pejeta Conservancy | by Diana Höhlig

Once again, Helping Rhinos and Ol Pejeta Conservancy are teaming up to create and strengthen Rhino Strongholds in Africa. I’m proud to be involved for the second time with my art in the Global Gala for Rhinos fundraiser!

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Jaguar ID Project

| In Conservation | Tagged Charity, Conservation, Donation, Jaguar ID Project, Pantanal, Wild Cats | by Diana Höhlig

My sketches help raise funds for the Jaguar Identification Project, a non-profit that uses citizen-science to build a cohesive database on individual jaguars in the northern Pantanal region.

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