Rural Life
Rural Life

Rural Life

The inspiration for my painting “Rural Life” came from a village in our area named Münchenwiler, where I found an old abandoned court chapel standing in the shadow of a big chestnut tree. I’m always in love with old structures and handcrafted elements of farm buildings and other rural architecture here in Switzerland.

To see this old chapel at the end of its existence, untouched for many years I felt sad but also emotional touched about the outlived beauty carved in wooden elements and the overall composition of the construction. I wanted to rise the beauty of the old building once again. Therefore, I decided to include some House Sparrows (and another critter) to create a vivid and characteristic scene of rural live. In my imagination the broken glass reflects the time of the past centuries it has overcome when this building has served people and animals as a place of peace and shelter. The chapel and area surrounding it has become a place I love to visit from time to time, as I feel it has a special energy. Can't wait to see which inspiration it will unravel next.

The artwork is created in mixed media technique combining traditional scratchboard technique and painting with black ink on Ampersand Clayboard.

Artwork & Reproductions

Original Painting

House Sparrows
Ink on Clayboard
24" x 16" | 2019



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