Rock Dove
Rock Dove
Rock Dove
Rock Dove
Rock Dove

Rock Dove

Original illustration for the new European Breeding Bird Atlas (EBBA2), published in 2020.

The European Bird Census Council (EBCC) published a new atlas for breeding birds in Europe (EBBA2). An illustration accompanies every of the more than 600 species presented in the atlas book. This project was realized by over 40 European artists and illustrators. Several of my works are included. The work supports an important project with the aim of environmental conservation and education.

Read more about the EBBA2 project in my news feed and visit the official website for more information.

Diana Höhlig - EBBA2 illustrations

EBBA2 information

Artwork & Reproductions

Original Painting

Columba livia
Pastel | 20 x 20 cm



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