Red Rock Refuge

Hundreds and hundreds of years storm and water have been working on these old rocks. Today bizarre patterns and rusty-red marks are shown on many spots of the old iron-oxide containing stones. These are the sandstone cliffs of Heligoland, a small island soaring in the German bight. Heligoland is Germanys only island located in the open sea, approximately 60 km away from the mainland.

Heligolands flora and fauna on earth and underneath the water is incredibly diverse and all the living beings are very important indicators for changes in the ecosystem of the North Sea.

The island is also breeding area for countless of birds. As well Heligoland is home for the black legged Kittiwakes (Rissa trydactila). Counting more than 7.000 annual breeding pairs the Kittiwakes built the strongest fraction of the bird colony on the island.

Every day with the last evening light touching the western cliff side the typical Kekewiek-call of the small gulls resounds between the red stones.

Artwork & Reproductions

Original Painting

Acrylics on Gessoboard
40 x 60 cm | 2013



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