Master Scratchboard Artist

A Scratchboard is made of a wooden panel, covered with White Caolin clay and painted completely Black on top with Indian ink. Sharp tools are used to remove the ink from the surface. The clay layer is revealed in the scratching process and delicate lines and textures create the final image.

It was in my early twenties when I discovered Scratchboard, eventually leading me to a membership with the International Scratchboard Art Society in 2017, and the titel ‘Master Scratchboard Artist’ (MSA) in 2022.

Scratchboard fascinates me as an artist since I’m able to create atmosphere and contrast in black and white and the possibility to work in a very detailed style. As a Wildlife and bird Artist, Scratchboard allows me to communicate my fascination and emotions about nature in this unique medium.

It is one of my favorite mediums in my portfolio and I have received recognition in national and international venues as an artist working in this technique. I was named Germany’s best bird artist for my Scratchboard work - granted with the ‘Silver Owl’ award, the highest recognition for wildlife art in Germany.

Scratchboard Art Society

The International Society of Scratchboard Artists (ISSA) was launched in 2011 and is dedicated to the promotion of scratchboard as fine art, providing support to artists, and education to the public about this amazing medium.