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Central America

Costa Rica

“The inspiration for creating my artworks are the finest details, summed up in the overall beauty of nature. It is my aim to capture that feeling of perfection and the natural spirit in my paintings.“

Diana Höhlig

I was born 1985 in Germany and have lived with my husband in Switzerland for the past couple of years before we moved to Costa Rica in 2023.

The connection to the natural world and the love for art has always been my essence in life since I grew up in the countryside of Eastern Germany, surrounded by nature and farm animals. The honest feeling of joy to be close to animals and to spend time outside in nature fulfills me.

As an artist I find inspiration outdoors by observing the animals in their habitat, and by gathering reference material with my camera and sketchbook.

Majoring with a master’s degree in biology I have resided several months at the North Sea Island Heligoland - a birding paradise. Watching the local sea bird colony at the “Red Rock” was a key-experience and important force in my artistic career. I began to focus on bird paintings and won the prestigious German award for bird painters “Silver Owl” in 2013.

Today my works are shown in national and international exhibitions; Modern Bird Paintings (Germany), Birds in Art (USA), Artists for Conservation (CA), Society of Animal Artists (USA). And I have been recognized in international publications with my illustrations, like the New European Breeding Bird Atlas, published in 2020.

My Compass to Nature

I enjoy traveling locally and internationally to find new ideas. Based on my artist's life and the countries I have visited, I paint animals from the Northern hemisphere of Europe and America, and as well from the tropics of East Africa and Central America.

I traveled in North America to experience the stunning nature of the Pacific coast and Yellowstone National Park followed by a road trip to Canada to visit the Rocky Mountains and British Columbia.

As an artist I have visited the United States several times, joining invitations for the opening venues of the 'Birds in Art’ exhibition in Wisconsin and to work as Artist in Residence at the Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum in New Jersey.

I also experienced East-Africa during a conservation art safari with a group of artists lead by Wildlife Artist and Naturalist Jan Martin McGuire, where we spend time in Kenya at Ol' Pejeta Conservancy to photograph and sketch the wild animals.

Another tropical destination completes my artist's portfolio with a current travel to Costa Rica and many new possibilities for future paintings of wild animals and birds.