Nocturnal Look-out
Nocturnal Look-out
Nocturnal Look-out
Nocturnal Look-out
Nocturnal Look-out

Nocturnal Look-out

This artwork was named as winner of the German Award for bird painters "Silver Owl" 2013, announced by the Museum of Natural History, Halberstadt (Germany).


For sure the impressive bird belongs to one of the well-known representatives under the species of owls. Neither it is no surprise, that the plaintive call of the male birds during the mating season has led to the species name „Uhu“ in German language. The nocturnal hunter prefers diverse types of cultural landscapes, as well as open woodland to find its prey. 

In Middle Europe the big owl has nearly faced extinction due to intensive hunting and destroying of the birds. Until the middle of the 20th century, the Eagle Owl has had a really bad reputation and was reckoned as vermin. Therefore, the majestic bird had vanished in Middle- and Western Europe. Afterwards the mountain ranges and Alps had become the place of refuge for the last populations. 

Thankfully, over the last decades, protection and reintroduction programs have led to a constant recovery in the populations of the European Eagle Owl in Germany. 

As an artist I wanted to depict the nocturnal hunter, with its piercingly glance. I was fascinated by the beauty of the diverse plumage patterns. The bird is truly emerging out of the dark.

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European Eagle Owl
16" x 12" | 2013



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