Silver Light

I remember in awe, watching this bison in Yellowstone, when I first traveled in North America. A charismatic animal, moving in an assertive-gentle way through the sunlit vegetation of the prairie.

Little did I know I would return as Artist in Resident at the Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum a decade later pursuing my journey as an emerging wildlife artist. I chose to portray the bison in a large Scratchboard as a token of my gratitude for all the rewards along my way.

My art career has gained momentum by the years I devoted to hone my skills, practicing techniques and to observe the animals in nature. I hope my dedication and the love for wildlife shines through my work as a silver light, like a strong bison wandering in the gleaming hills of the land.


This Scratchboard was accepted for the prestigious Society of Animal Artists (SAA) annual exhibition 2023. Visit the news section for more info:

SAA Exhibition 2023

Artwork & Reproductions

Original Painting

American Bison
24" x 36" | 2023


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