A Vulture and a King

The King Vulture (Sarcoramphus papa) was done in scratchboard technique, where a wooden panel is used, which is covered with clay and a top coat of black ink. I only scratch the surface with an scalpel blade to remove of the ink coat. This way I’m able to create dramatically looking, realistic works. I love to do artworks of all kind of birds, but especially the odd-looking ones have captured my heart. Furthermore, are vultures at all very intelligent and interesting species, often overlooked by us humans. My aim is to show their natural beauty to the viewer in my artistic way.

This artwork won Second Place in the international exhibition 'Golden Turtle' 2017, nominated in the art category GRAPHIC ART. THE PORTRAIT OF THE ANIMAL.

Golden Turtle - Wildlife Festival

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King Vulture
5" x 7" | 2016



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